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Dive Log

July 28 afternoon charter
Jul 28, 2015

After two days of large swell on the south shore, it finally died down and we got to go out to Turtles and Anglers reef! Both dives had good visibility and all the certified divers, discover scuba diver, and open water student were able to see some awesome fish and even a few turtles!



Warren's Blog

Reality Check
Jul 22, 2015

Eight months after leaving my job on the mainland and moving to Hawaii and taking over a dive company it's time for a reality check.

Recent News

Lets All Be Better Divers!

Lets All Be Better Divers!
Jul 27, 2015

Here are a few general guidelines to being a better diver.  No one wants to be “that guy” — avoid these six diving faux pas next time you’re on a dive boat, and you’ll be everyone’s favorite buddy.
Aaron's Dive Shop's first Zombie Apocalypse Diver class

Aaron's Dive Shop's first Zombie Apocalypse Diver class
Jul 16, 2015

When the Zombie Apocalypse inevitable comes about will you be prepared?  These elite few that have completed this distinctive specialty certification will be.  Don't be left behind and become part of the hoard...

Jul 13, 2015

Every thought about adding more certification cards to that aresenal of PADI cards?  Now's your chance!

Shark Shield
Jul 10, 2015

Watched a show about seven gill sharks on Shark Week today. The sharks became agressive and started attacking. The divers were using Shark Shields. As soon as they were turned on the sharks immediately left the area. Pretty impressive. For those who are diving in sharky water and are interested in using a deterrent, the Shark Shield is available at Aaron's Dive Shop.

Jul 03, 2015

Lets go have some fun on the North Shore for this special day.
Ever thought of a career as a dive instructor?

Ever thought of a career as a dive instructor?
Jun 16, 2015

Here is an article of a unique individual who followed his passion and became a Scuba Instructor.


Annual Memorial Day Tent Sale

Annual Memorial Day Tent Sale
May 06, 2015

Aaron's Memorial Day TENT SALE EVENT!!!!
Saturday, May 23rd!!!



The Torch Is Passed

The Torch Is Passed
Mar 24, 2015

After 43 years of building Aaron's Dive Shop into one of the most enduring and respected dive companies in all of Hawaii, Jack Aaron has decided to retire. He has sold the company to Warren Murray who recently moved to Kailua from San Francisco.