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So Long JJ

Posted: June 29, 2015

As many of you are aware, JJ died earlier this month while diving at Makaha Caverns.  JJ was a regular character here at the shop. I say that because he was always around helping us with various projects and regaling us with his fantastical diving stories. He was an expert diver and his love and passion for diving and the sea was always apparent. In addition to being an experienced diver, JJ was also the consumate handyman. He knew more about our compressor and air bank system than any of our shop employees. He could always be counted on for good suggestions for many of the shop upgrades that I have been trying to implement such as wet gear storage areas and van tank racks. JJ was this kinda short pudgy guy but he lived life LARGE. As his son Chance said nobody ever walked into a room and had to ask if JJ was there. You usually knew he was there long before you got to the door. He was definitely one of the more colorful strands in the fabric of our local diving community. He will definitely be missed and our hearts go out to all of his family and friends, which by the way is a very large number of people.

I was fortunate enough to attend JJ's memorial service yesterday.  I was so touched by many things. I was blown away by the number of people that attended. He touched the lives of so many people. The service was truly a celebration of life. He lived a full life and died doing what he loved most. There were so many touching stories told by family and friends about his adventures and kind deeds. I never knew that JJ was a talented songwriter and singer. We got to listen to a song that he wrote and sang just weeks before he passed. He was a loving and caring family man. What a legacy! He had a strong spiritual relationship with christianity. It just made me realize that we all have so many friends and aquaintances that we only know part of their story.  I wish that I had the opportunity to know him better.  The service was great. It was infused with Hawaiian culture culminating with his beautiful wife performing a traditional dance that brought tears to everyone's eyes.

So long JJ and I truly feel fortunate to have had the chance to to know you.




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