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October Blues?

Posted: October 02, 2015

It’s now October and we are in the middle of the “Slow Season” which includes September and October. After such a busy summer it’s nice to have a little more time to get things done around the shop. However, it’s also a little scary to see how much the business drops off. If I hadn’t been forewarned I would be freaking out right now worrying about what happened to our thriving little business. I take comfort in the fact that the whole island has been slow in part due to the crazy weather we’ve had this month. 

On the flip side, I’m getting time to do some recreational diving and pursue some “balance of life” activities such as weekends off, biking and painting. I just finished my first painting since moving to Hawaii. See the attached picture. In about four weeks I will have officially been a Hawaii resident for one year. Woohoo! It’s just amazing how fast the time has gone by. I think I’m finally getting comfortable running a dive shop.  I don’t introduce myself as the “new” owner anymore, although I suspect I will always be the new owner as Jack Aaron is a hard act to follow with his 44-year tenure. But, I’m slowly creating our own style and culture here at the shop and I think most of the changes have been positive and subtle for the most part. If you haven’t been in the shop in a long time, drop by some time and let us know how we’re doing.




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