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Open Water in Corner Pocket

Posted: November 05, 2017

Our Sunday PM dive was most memorable for our Open Water Students Chelsea Conley and Simon Duvall. Instructor Jake led them down the mooring line, helped them adjust their buoyancy and took them for a tour. Both Chelsea and Simon enjoyed their first dive and did a beautiful job with their skills. They were comfortable and confident.

Ahmet Goknur, who recently completed his last certification for PADI Master Diver, wanted to work on adjusting to his new Scubapro Hydros BC. After discussing his concerns with Instructors Jake and Ed, Ahmet shifted some weight and raised his tank a couple inches to dial in his trim. Congratulations Ahmet on achieving your Master Diver goal and on your new BC!

The rest of us were along for a good time diving and were not disappointed. Visibility at Corner Pocket was excellent with a very manageable current. It was a mellow dive with lots of fish and coral to enjoy.

Perhaps the highlight of our first dive for our Open Water Students Chelsea and Simon came as Jake led them up the mooring line back to the boat. Scott Call looked under a shelf in the reef and found himself face to face with a White Tip Reef Shark. Two actually. The first left quickly but the larger of the two apparently grew tired of our cameras and came out for a swim. Chelsea and Simon got to see their first sharks at a nice comfortable distance.

Our second dive was to Angler’s Reef. All the usual suspects made their appearance. A nice big Moray was hanging out by the Anchor. A big Honu was having a snooze. And of course lots of pretty reef fish. Chelsea and Simon enjoyed their second training dives and found dive 2 skills a bit more challenging. But their buoyancy and air consumption was remarkable. Everyone on the boat was confident that they will become excellent divers.

Our final bit of excitement was on our way back in when Captain Garrett came to the assistance of a powerboat without power. After Jake demonstrated his knowledge of knots and rigged up a tow line we towed them a few hundred yards until their engine restarted.

Also on board today were Richard Anderson, Scott Rajnay, and Ed McNeill. Crew today were Instructor Jake and Captain Garrett. All in all another fabulous day on and under the water.


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