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Harlequin Shrimp on Corsair

Posted: March 01, 2018

Every day diving is better than a day dry. Scuba diving when conditions are less than ideal, or even challenging, as they are this week is good training that makes you a better diver and often has its own delightful surprises.  What NFL team doesn’t get psyched up when they play last year’s Super Bowl Champions? We don’t have a Scuba Super Bowl. We have current, waves, low visibility, and cool water. (Mainland divers would laugh at us if we called it cold.) Don’t let challenging conditions stop you from diving. Most of the year we have very calm conditions for diving. Challenge yourself and go diving when the conditions are safe but challenging to increase your experience and skill. And did we mention the Harlequin Shrimp?

This morning’s am dive to Corsair was absolutely delightful. There are Harlequin Shrimp on the Corsair! How they got there is anyone’s guess. Also making an appearance is a Triton Trumpet as well as all the regular reef fish that make the corsair home.

Current was pretty decent at Corsair. Not terrible, just a little challenging for photography. Visibility was lower than normal but also not terrible.

Corner Pocket was another matter entirely. Stiff current and poor visibility shortened the tour. There was no way we could cover the entire site. Highlights of our second dive included a white tip reef shark sleeping under a ledge, lots of reef fish, a couple of very friendly puffer fish, and a somewhat gnarly current.

Both dives were delightful, even if the boat ride was a bit rough from corsair to corner pocket in the five foot swells.

Our charter this morning was led by Instructor Jake. Dorothea (who we are convinced is part mermaid as she uses so little air) was aboard. So were Joseph, Michael and Thomas. A good time was had by all. Instructor Lindsey came along to experience Aaron's and Instructor Ed was aboard taking pictures.

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