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Levi Goes Diving

Posted: May 30, 2018

Vandercar Family with Captain Kendal and Instructor Marina

Levi was born with Eagle-Barrett Syndrome, also called Prune Belly Syndrome. About 1 in 40,000 babies are born with this rare condition. 97% of them are boys. Those affected suffer from urinary tract abnormalities, partial or complete lack of abdominal muscles, and often a host of resulting complications. The bladder can be distended in utero, causing wrinkly, loose skin on the abdomen.Thus the name Prune Belly.

When Levi was 9 he was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. His kidneys were shutting down. His mother Tammy was a match and gave one of her kidneys to Levi. That was two years ago. Today Levi is stable and doing well. The family survived this terrible scare and is now enjoying a week in Hawaii courtesy of the Make a Wish Foundation.

Aaron’s Dive Shop is once again privileged to partner with The Make A Wish Foundation to take the family on a Discover Scuba Diving Adventure. Tammy enjoyed the boat ride while her husband and children went diving.

Emma was the first down quickly followed by her Father Luke. Evia knocked out her skills and then sat on the boat with Levi for the first dive. On the second dive Levi knocked out his skills with Instructor Marina. Marina led Levi and his Dad Luke for a four of Koko Craters. Instructor Ed followed quickly with Emma and Evia.

Turtles were all over Koko Craters. Eels were seen. The Yellow Tail Coris’s were eye popping. It was an amazing time. Everyone had a great time and it’s pretty clear this wonderful ohana of Laporte, Indiana will soon be certified Scuba Divers. A big Mahalo to Captain Kendal for his amazing support on the boat and also to The Make A Wish Foundation for partnering with Aaron’s Dive Shop.

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