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Scotty's Mermaid

Posted: September 26, 2018

A couple of weeks ago Scotty Cabral was diving Angler’s Reef, and was off exploring when he saw a mermaid. No not really. It just swayed like a mermaid might. Scotty drew closer and saw it was a clump of fishing nets caught on some coral. This became Scotty’s clean up passion. For the next number of dives he worked on reducing and containing the nets. He brought his close line to better tie them together. Instructor Ed was talking with Scotty and agreed to try to dive Anglers as one of the pm dives on the Honey. Andrew Schwartz (pictured with Scotty and the nets in the picture above) joined in and worked with Scotty to secure the nets and prepare them to be recovered to the boat with a lift bag at the end of the dive. Captain Jamie brought the boat around and Dive Master Jon McIver and Scotty hefted the heavy nets onto the boat. It takes a team to clean the ocean. Way to go Scotty.

Thankfully much of the sites we dive at are relatively clean. That said we collect trash on many of our dives as a matter of course. Aaron’s is committed to cleaning the ocean and our beaches and is glad to have a partnership with 808 Cleanups. We help 808 Cleanups with discounted gear rentals and free air fills for divers who help out on an 808 Cleanup Dive.

Mahalo to Scotty and everyone who helped retrieve these fishing nets from the ocean. Everytime we do what we can do we make a difference. If you would like to help 808 Cleanups on an upcoming shore dive check the calendar on their website. They do a clean up dive at MaKai Research Pier twice a month. They are growing the number of sites they clean up.  Clean up dives are typically shallow dives and offer a great opportunity to work on your hover skills while making a difference in the ocean.

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