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Kari Matadobra

Life Motto/Favourite Quote
I'd like to be under the sea, in an octopus's garden...with you.

One item you can't dive without?:
Water - I hate dehydration headaches!

Kari Matadobra
Shop Staff/ DMC

I grew up in a cold place on the Puget Sound, and was always around the water, but rarely in it. I worked very hard when I got to Hawai'i to get comfortable in the water so I could see what was going on beneath the waves. It took 60 legitimate snorkel trips and many surf sessions for me to enjoy the feeling of being tossed by the waves like a turtle, and then I was ready to dive! The ocean has a rhythm, and is full of observant, aware creatures. There is nothing like feeling an octopus watching you and turning around to see who is there! I am in the process of completing my Divemaster, and am excited to share the underwater world with others.


Kari Matadobra - favorite dive photo

Favorite Dive Site?:

Kona Paradise. Because it begins to drop off right from shore, and the visibility is spectacular. Because of the sound of the waves rippling over the Black Pebble Beach. Because of the wire coral, and varying species of fish.

Second to that is Lanai Lookout during whale season!


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