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Life Motto/Favourite Quote
You will almost certainly at some point hear me say, "What a nutroll!" or "That turned into a nutroll!"...usually followed by "No worries" or "too easy"

One item you can't dive without?:
My dive knife. I have gotten so used to it being there right above my dive boot that now I feel like I forgot a key piece of gear if it isn't there.


I got my Open Water Certification back in 1994 at the University of Arkansas. I have always been a waterman at heart and spend as much time as I can in the water whether it is kayaking, wakeboarding, paddling, surfing, and of course diving. I retired out of the military after 20 years and in 2016 decided to use my GI Bill to start down the path towards Instructor through Pacific Diving Academy. Both me and my wife became Divemasters at PDA and then I continued on through Master Scuba Diver Training certification. My first students were my daughters. We are now a family of four divers who all enjoy every opportunity to dive when we can. I intend to continue my dive education into the future and work towards Staff Instructor and hopefully become a Course Director down the road. For now, I am just enjoying the diving and the people I get to spend time with exploring the flora and fauna of the Hawai'ian waters.

Kyle - favorite dive photo

Favorite Dive Site?:

That's tough...they are great for their own reasons. Probably Electric Beach, Kahe Point. You have to get there early to get into the water first but it is usually worth the time and effort. At that site I have dove with Hawaiian Monk Seals, sharks, dolphins, Honu, rays, and large schools of Yellow Stripes, as well as found some beautiful shells. There always seems to be something passing through at that site.


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