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Life Motto/Favourite Quote
“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jaques Yves Cousteau

One item you can't dive without?:
I always keep my dive knife strapped to my right shoulder for easy access, I use it to point out some of the dangerous marine life I don't like pointing at with my fingers.


I feel I started diving late in comparison to most others. I started
diving when I was 20 years old and from my first dive in the water I have
made it my every mission to dive every day since. My first dive
was in the Seychelles where I participated in marine research projects and
was able to dive every day. After months of research I travelled to
Utila, Honduras where I did the majority of my dive training and
became an instructor. From there I moved to Oahu, where I have
been for the past seven years, loving every minute and diving almost every
day. All of my favorite dives and my most memorable experiences whilst
diving have been here on Oahu.
Shaun - favorite dive photo

Favorite Dive Site?:
My favorite dive site would have to be Sharks Cove on the North shore. It
feels like there is almost a limitless number of paths, niches, and turns
among the lava tubes. I never tire of having the opportunity to
explore.  It’s also a lot of fun to jump into the “elevator” to start your
dive, which leads you down into a beautiful well lit cavern.


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